Welcome to the Internet’s home for reasoned, rational analyses of the arguments you’re no doubt tired of hearing whenever somebody mentions the word “gun”. If you’re looking for well-referenced and carefully considered thoughts on various aspects of the debate swirling around firearms-related violence, you’re in the right place. If you’re looking for funny memes, snappy (but misleading) one-liners, or a place to argue ad infinitum about firearms, you should keep looking.

Below, I’ve categorized several of the most common refrains heard during these arguments. Please feel free to explore them. You’re welcome to link directly to these analyses if you’d like to inject some rational thinking into what all too frequently becomes a social media flame war.

This area under construction. Sorry, I’m just getting started here. 🙂 I’m working on adding content as quickly as I can. You can view some of the items here:

I’ve also included some information on the basics of what firearms are. Unfortunately, no matter how cogent your argument, if you get some of the basic facts wrong, people will ignore everything else you have so say. Here’s some information on How Not To Look Like An Idiot.

If you’re curious, here’s a bit more about the author of this site, so you’ll know exactly what biases and background inform these analyses.